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Yongsheng corporate culture

Yongsheng culture is the people, hard work, and cultural responsibility. People-oriented, hard work ahead, bravely assumed cultural responsibility. The people, hard work, responsibility is a core Yongsheng corporate culture is Yongsheng produced in nearly 10 years of development history and the gradual formation of a cultural system has Yongsheng characteristics. Yongsheng people-oriented competition in the market is the magic weapon; dares dare to fight, pioneers, is Yongsheng continually explore new ideas, to break new ground, to meet the new ethos of the future; bravely assumed responsibility reliable career achievement Yongsheng guarantee.

The people, hard work, responsibility is the cornerstone of Yongsheng corporate culture and soul, but also business inexhaustible source of sustainable and healthy development.

Yongsheng core values

Hard work and innovation, pioneers

"Do not fight does not Yongsheng Bo people." Yongsheng development history of nearly 10 years, is a history of innovation and hard work. Yongsheng people to innovation and hard work as their own style of doing things and a guide to action.

In Yongsheng people's eyes, but did not cross the river, but did not turn over the mountain. Yongsheng people understand that hard work will never be foolhardy. Decisive struggle is the situation after the decision is to not become possible to develop innovative, is unyielding and insist Aoyama do not relax after persistent endowments look for targets.

Pioneers, is the internal driving force for development and growth Yongsheng, there are people Yongsheng World, the pursuit of specific objectives overview class. Yongsheng who dare to break the routine, do people think of things other people do not want to do, do what others can not do. Yongsheng people who dare to create, Yongsheng person who is the first fight forever.

Yongsheng mission

Advocacy and building a better life of mankind, both Yongsheng business purposes, but also Yongsheng who vowed mission.

Li Yongsheng enterprises in industrial nation thinking enterprises, always with the future fate of the country's joys and sorrows linked and intertwined. Social progress, national prosperity, national prosperity and well-being of the people to make good a socially responsible corporate citizen is Yongsheng view of society, national outlook and national outlook. The more and better quality products to the society, is pursuing the goal Yongsheng, embodied also Yongsheng historic mission.

Yongsheng spirit

Dedicated, refined, and beyond, dedication

Dedicated core responsibility. Dedicated not only to practical work hard, but also in practical work, continuous learning and improvement. Enhance the industry's direction is fine. Dedication is based precision industry is capital, beyond is the goal. Only talk about dedication, to better ourselves, to reach the other side of the cause and ideals. So people, enterprise development is also true.

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