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, when the hose fittings shall be a thin soft pad protector, then tightly and must be bundled electrical wire cloth outside to rust.
, can not be placed in long-term and long-term sun exposure side of the heat source to prevent aging.
, after two outlet with clean dry hanging down, curled back in place.
, avoid the use of sharp objects sharp drag, rolling.
, put a long time, or long-term exposure to air, the outer layer due to the antioxidant, antifungal agents, and the role of oxygen in the air may be slightly yellow, does not affect the quality of water pressure test after the band had residual water can conserve water with reagent quality.
, 8 type hose for general fire me, 10 type of hose used in high-rise buildings, 13 type, 16 type hose for fire engines, high-model shall not be used with water low water with alternative models, users of illegal use at your own risk.
, water with a shelf life of one year, the use of a period of three years, the shelf life of the factory to ensure sampling qualified, responsible for factory use during the normal use, not by country replace the water with a rigid predetermined period, a quality of the user responsible for the accident.

Hing Man brand with high quality water polyester cotton yarn and PVC refined. Products are resistant to abrasion, pressure, oil, acid, alkali, no delamination, stable quality, durable, long-term use, storage convenience advantages. Customers can be customized according to the need of various sizes, thickness, color hose.
Common Specifications: 1 inch -12 inch 10 m -100 m

Avoid using very hot, sharp scratch, do not mess drag Luanla. Should be checked before starting the machine hose is straight, curved around to prevent excessive pressure hose burst. You also can according to actual needs, with a choice of different grades of water.
1, 2-3 under pressure common type, suitable for plain irrigation water;
2, Powerful 4-6 under pressure, suitable for plain irrigation water;
3, withstand the pressure of high pressure 8-9, suitable for alpine irrigation water, mud.

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